There are many myths when it comes to lab created diamonds. Let’s shatter a few! 'Lab grown' colored diamonds are grown from very small carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. A special deposition process replicates the natural growth phase of diamond formation.

High quality lab created diamonds are chemically indistinguishable from natural diamonds. However, many speculate the value of lab created diamonds, compare to genuine diamonds.

There are clear distinctions between them. Lab created diamonds, composed of carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure, as opposed to simulants, such as cubic zircon and other similar looking crystals. As you've probably noticed, simulants are sold in a significantly lower price than our lab created diamonds as they are made with different materials, proportions and chemical properties.

Moissanite was discovered by the scientist and Noble prize winner Henri Moissan in 1893. The moissanites are crystals composed of silicon carbide. Since today Natural moissanites are rare, the moissanite sold is laboratory-created.

Moissanites, even when colorless, project a yellow or grayish hue in certain lights. A colorless natural or lab created diamond, whether natural, has its natural neutral color, creating a bright and white appearance, and doesn't include any yellow, brown, or grey. In addition to that, the different type of brilliance, the colorful brilliance of the moissanite as opposed to the white brilliance of lab created and natural diamonds is what makes it possible to distinguish between them.

When it comes to the difference between lab created and naturally created diamonds, difference can be a bit more difficult to identify (except for the price range, which will usually come to 30% difference). It holds the same features of sparkle, fire, and scintillation. With professional gemological equipment, and expert professionals are behind it, lab created stones can only be identified using specialized equipment & scientific tests.

At Angel's Diamond we make sure you understand the value of our neutrally created diamonds as well as our Lab created diamonds. With our lab created diamonds a gem certification is attached, also ensuring our diamonds, unlike moissanite, are ethically grown with a minimal environmental impact.