In conditions that will never be seen again, millions of years ago, diamonds were formed.

Their unparalleled beauty is dazzling and irresistible. While each and every diamond can capture our heart with its glow and rarity, we do have the tools to help you choose your personal perfect diamond.

When it comes to a breathtaking piece of art such as diamonds, you want a professional Behind it. Every beautiful diamond can fulfill its potential with a highly skilled diamond cutter. Our Angel's diamond experts will meticulously split, cut and polish the diamond to the desired shape, always ensure mathematical precision were taking to consideration as well as creativity and artistry.

When you are in the search for your ideal diamond, explore the proportions of the facets and make sure the diamond is symmetrical and balanced. A diamond will show both scintillation and brilliance only when it is cut in the highest regard.


The internal light

The Brightness of a diamond relates to the internal and external white light reflected from it. When exploring a diamond it is necessary to look at the fire, which is the diffusion of white light into all the colors of the rainbow. Hold the diamond and move it towards the light. You’ll recognize a well cut diamond in a second! If flashes of rainbow are moving on the surface, and white light penetrates the diamond, it is the real deal.


The Crown

The top of the diamond, the crown, can provide an important indication to its quality. A quality of a diamond’s cut directly relates to how it interacts with light. In the light, an external reflection must be reflected from the crown back to you. The color, cut & clarity all hold an important role when assessing the quality of a diamond. As a natural material, each diamond is unique and different. The rarity of a diamond increases with its purity. Cracks, fissures and black specs that are created naturally, can sometimes be seen and affect the quality of a diamond. You will detect it by deduction of the light passage through the stone.

These are all elements you need to explore and take into consideration when choosing a diamond, but most importantly, we recommend to choose the jewel that moves you and excites you.