If you are in the look for an engagement ring it means one of the greatest and memorable moments in your life is upon you and just like everybody else; you want it to be perfect.

The highlight of a marriage proposal is, for most of us the ring, that represents the thought of love. It can be used as indication to how well you know each other, the similarities you find in one another.

Choosing and buying an engagement ring should induce excitement, not pressure, and if you need a few tips and directions, we have the experienced professionals who will walk you through it. 

For a purchase that will last a lifetime, there are important considerations to make. 

After choosing a budget that’s right for you, explore the options out there and start with a ring style. 

If you can't really define a specific style, use her wardrobe for tips. If she favors classic fashions, for example, you’ll want to stick to classic ring styles. If she invests in high fashion, and is very careful with her quality selections, you might need to invest a bit more and like here, explore the elements and value of your purchase.

Take a good look at that jewelry she wears. 

The style and materials used will guide you and allow you to make a smarter choice.

When it comes to the classic options, a prong setting, for example, allows light to go through the diamond, and create more sparkle. Rings with a bezel setting diamond show only the top of the gems with a nice edge around it.

Keep in mind; you don't have to propose with a diamond ring. Follow the style of her choice. Colored gemstones are a great alternative. Since most women do not take their engagement rings of, it is recommended to select harder stones. Diamonds are the hardest ones of all. 

Take into consideration the proportion of her hands. A diamond engagement ring should be proportional to the dimensions of her hands. An elongated diamond, like an oval or pear shape will make fingers appear to look longer, while a wide band can make short fingers look even shorter. On a larger hand, a more delicate engagement ring could look smaller and un-proportional. 

Size in this case, does matter. 

You want her to slip the ring right on, never take it off. It is not a bad sign or a disappointment if re-sizing is due.

A professional jeweler, especially in a known experienced business will do this for you. Choose a good jeweler! It doesn't change your budget but it may absolutely affect the final decision and result. In order to choose wisely look for the professionals that are knowledgeable and helpful, tolerant and understand your needs.

In Angel's Diamond for example, we have a printable “ring-sizer” that can help you determine your ring size, then a professional and experienced jeweler would complete the job.